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 Tribute of Love

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PostSubject: Tribute of Love   Tribute of Love Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 8:07 pm

Will It ever stop? Will it ever subside? No.
Why do I ask these questions when I already reluctantly know the answers?

Will I ever stop loving him? No.
Just like the very first time I met him. The day my friend introduced us and I knew that I wanted to be with him, but was to scared that he wouldn't notice me just like every guy before him. The first time we were immature and silly. The first time we made memories.

Will I ever stop thinking about him? No
I will always wonder what he is doing, how he is doing, and what is going on in his life.

Will I ever stop worrying about him? No
I will worry till the day I die. I dearly love him, and I will always wonder if someone is hurting him, and if I can come to his rescue.

Will I ever stop wondering about what is going on in his life? No
I will wonder about the memories he is making now, about who he is meeting, and who he likes, and who is hurting him, and how he is.

Will I ever stop wondering about what he is feeling? No
I will wonder about if he is sad, happy, angry, scared, confused, or neutral.

Will I ever stop wanting him? No
I would fight for him, but he wouldn't want me back. Not after this.

Will I ever stop wondering?

Will I ever stop dreaming?

Will I ever stop Remembering all the good times we shared?
No, because those memories were the best.

the good and the bad? The fights and the re-connections?

Will I ever find the courage to let him go?
I guess I have to.... because I have hurt him too much.

Take to the wind my dear Alex. Take to the wind. I will always worry, always wonder, always hope, but I was never good enough for you. Find your path, find your light, because I will be headed in the opposite direction.
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Tribute of Love
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