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 The Soul's Treasure: Preface

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PostSubject: The Soul's Treasure: Preface   The Soul's Treasure: Preface Icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 1:32 pm

It was never intended to be this way, and yet I couldn't stop it from happening. I had to push through the pain of leaving him, and never look back, or I would spiral down deeper into the pit of uncertainty and fear. All I remember was lying in the center of the floor running my finger tips against the chilled tile. I couldn't stop thinking about him. The world was black, dark, and dead to me, just like the night. I would lay there for hours on end, thinking, hoping, and wishing, for something that would never come to be. The fog would mist and hover into the house during the night and encase me in with my fears. I felt lost, and cold. I would shake and tremble and try to sweep him from my mind and memories, but the pain was too intense to ignore. I would cry and hold myself, knowing nothing would change, and I would have to push through it no matter how much I wanted to keep a hold of the memories of him. Unfortunately this would last for days. No food or water. I was starving myself in and out day after day as I lie on that cold floor and think about him. I would hear the pack calling, but I wouldn’t answer, because I couldn’t. They would start to worry and send Spencer up to check on me. He saw me on the cold floor. He picked me up and placed me into my bed and wrapped me up in blankets so I wouldn't catch a chill. He would leave to join the others and let me recover. He knew what was happening. He knew what I felt, and he knew what it was like. He was my best friend. This is why I have to keep my mind in check. I can't lose control of my thoughts. Or I will fall into that fog that would constrict and twist my heart and soul.

Ever since, I have been busying myself with training. I know it won't do me much good, but it helps to keep my mind off of him. Running, cardio, endurance, muscle toning. It’s all part of being a werewolf. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about anything. No distractions; just me and the pack. It can be tough being a werewolf though, if you didn't have anyone to teach you the ways, just like Altiz, but I was fortunate, because I have my pack. There 5 members as of now and it’s growing drastically fast.

Our leader is Altiz. He is the one that had to train and learn for himself. He is a very strong and athletic individual, with a stone cold face, but a heart of gold. The world has been cruel to him, but he is forgiving. I only wish I had his courage and strength. He knows the ways and he knows that it's his duty to pass the lessons down to the next generation. He can be demanding and strict at times just because he knows the extent of what we are capable of, and he knows that we can do better. I try to do my best for his sake, because I know I could have it a lot harder than I do now. He has medium tan skin with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. He stands at 6’1”. In his werewolf form, he is a light, almost white with those same piercing blue eyes; Very unique. He has a dark gray dorsal stripe that runs down his back. Altiz is 26.

Our beta is Sam. He is a wonderful guy, he loves to make things fun when possible, but he knows when to be serious. Which I guess comes with the job. He is a very dark tan guy with jet black hair and green eyes. He is 6’. In his werewolf form, he is a dark brown color, almost black, but more red. It is very hard to explain. Whenever I talk to him, I always learn something new and useful. Sam is 24.

Jenna is 12; the youngest in our pack, but one of the most cunning and agile. She is one our secret weapons. She doesn’t seem like she could amount to much, but she is a true fighter. She can pack a powerful punch and an even deadlier bite. But that is because she has a lot to be angry about. I look up to her strength, although a lot of times she says she looks up to me. I just think she says this because I’m the only other female in the group. We are pack sisters and always will be. She is 5’ 1”. In her werewolf form she is a medium gray with a dark gray dorsal stripe that runs her back just like Altiz and Spencer. She has piercing blue eyes as well.

Then there is Spencer; my best friend. I am so lucky to have him. He claims that he is my protector, but I just let him think that because it makes him feel important. One thing I know about Spencer is that he can be very forgiving but also very unforgiving. He is here to prove himself, and strengthen up so that he and his sister can go away for a while. He won’t tell me why, but I already know what’s happening. He just doesn’t want me to worry. He is 5’ 11”. He has light skin with dark tan-brown hair. His eyes are green. He is a dark tan color with a light undercoat and a dark dorsal stripe that runs down his back. He is fun and loves to goof off, but he is here to prove that he can do anything. So he still has a lot to learn, although I admire his persistence to be all he can be. Spencer is 16.

I guess you could say that our pack is unique because we don’t have an omega. The reason for this is that we all see each other as equals and that means we don’t pick one out to look down upon. That is rude. We are a family. We do have a ranking system though, as hard as that is to believe. It has to do with seniority. Which means that Altiz is the alpha.

I guess you are wondering about me then right? Well I’m 16, I have dark brunette hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’ 7” and I love to amount to everything I can amount up to. I have a heart and a soul and I’m very sensitive to other’s feelings. I’m in tune with nature and I feed off the moonlight. My feelings are intense, and I love to draw. In my werewolf form, I am a dark gray wolf with unique black tiger stripes that run along my back. Everyone says that it’s impossible, but I just think I’m unique. My name is Abigail. But you can call me Abi.

(C) to Morgan Miller
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The Soul's Treasure: Preface
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