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K, here it is Smile
Position you want to be: Man character
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Gender: Male
Age: 7 (49 in dog years)
Species: Wolf
Size: 2 feet tall, 4 feet wide
Strengths: His claws are extra sharp, almost like razors, and so are his teeth.
Weaknesses: His hind right leg was burned in a forest fire.
Rank: Good
Ability's: If he concentrates enough, he can walk on water, breathe fire, move the earth, or even control air. His swirls illuminate in the dark to guide him.
History: He got seperated from his family a year ago. They had to flee a forest fire, and had never met or talked again.
Friends: Everyone but bears
Foes: Bears
About your character: He has snow-white fur and black paws. One red eye and one blue. He's very nice and patient. Smart, too. He always learns from his mistakes, and can put up a good fight and protect anyone. Mate: None yet.
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