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 Amber the Werepyre

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PostSubject: Amber the Werepyre   Amber the Werepyre Icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 1:00 pm

Position you want to be:(Main character or side character)
Main Character
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Species:Demon Wolf/Werepyre
Strengths:Strongest at night and after she's drank blood
Weaknesses:excess amounts of silver
Rank: (Good or bad)Good
Ability's:Speed, expert with weapons (ex. daggers), mind reading, insight, manipulate the elements, healing, a deadly venom in my fangs when she's a vampyre, she is also able to summon a pack of shadow wolves.
History:Father killed her mother and then abandoned her as a young pup. She observed other pups and taught herself how to fight and hunt. She was often rejected by both vampyres and werewolves because of her half breed status. She recently found her brothers and she protects them fiercely. She has been in many fights and is covered in scars.
Loyal: Loyal to friends and her brothers
About your character:

My character is a Werepyre (half werewolf, half vampyre) with a demon sealed inside of her. She has a light grey top coat with a white under coat. She has pinkish/maroonish wings with black and dark purple. She wear a spiked collar around her neck and has a long scar down her eye. There is a blue crescent moon on her shoulder.

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PostSubject: Re: Amber the Werepyre   Amber the Werepyre Icon_minitimeSun Feb 28, 2010 2:21 pm

Character Accepted!

Nice intro! Your character is now able to role play with us, it will be moved to: Main Character -> Good.

Have fun~
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Amber the Werepyre
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