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PostSubject: Abigail (Abi)   Abigail (Abi) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 3:56 pm

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Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Elite werewolf (Explain later if you wish)
Size: Average
Strengths: Speed
Weaknesses: Love
Rank: Good
Ability's:Knowing things without asking and connections with nature.
History:She lives with her parents as an only child. Her best friend is Spencer. She ran into a werewolf and got transformed. It was Altiz.
Foes: Herself.
About your character: She is caught inbetween two people that love her, but she doesn't know which one to chose. Her best friend, or the pack enemy. She will have to make a choice. She likes to run by herself in the woods. She feels at home in her werewolf form.
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Abigail (Abi)
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