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PostSubject: Rawl    Rawl  Icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 6:21 pm

Image: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Gender: Male
Age: 26 = 18ish in his species
Species: Common Gull Wyvern
Size: He is nearly full grown and is only large enough to carry a single person. ( still working on the exact measurements )
Strengths: Extraordinary eye sight and an agile flier.
Weaknesses: Has no magical powers. His fluffy pelt isn't particularly thick. Can't talk to just anyone, only those that he is close to can understand him.
Rank: I suppose he is allied towards the good.
Ability's: Can fly
History: He hasn't a deep history since he is still fairly young.
Friends: ?
Foes: ?
About your character:
About Rawl's species:

Common Gull Wyverns are noisy. They use a large array of sounds from harsh wails and screeches to softer chuffs and coos.
They are rather gregarious and typically aren't shy of many other creatures and in fact co habitat with humans rather well. Gull Wyvern's are smart and curious often using tools. In food situations if stealing is easier than finding their own food they will pirate other creatures food happily.Many have been seen scavenging. In bad situations the gull wyvern will act big and tough and if allied will actually charge and harass the enemy. It's has been noted that they will fall from the sky and dive at enemies with their claws and teeth, but what is worse is they will do the same on enemies while defecating. They have been known to vomit on creatures as well. They prefer to live close to large bodies of water where they can fish and snatch up crabs. Usually they will nest in sharp cliffs where they can keep safe. Gull wyverns use their enlarged fused middle and ring fingered claw to grapple down the sides of cliffs and defend themselves from larger predators. Typically they are swift agile fliers but cant fly long distances with out the help of an ocean's breeze.

Rawl himself is in search of a riding companion, hopefully he'll find one.
He's a rather spunky gull wyvern but he's no were near mean or hateful.

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