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Olivia Soulheart
Image: Due to me being unable to draw humans, I shall describe her appearance.

Olivia stands at around 5’10 with a slender figure built more for agility and endurance, though she is a bit strong due to have a demon inside her (explained later). Her hair is a dark brown color and flows in waves halfway down her back; when it’s straight, it almost reaches her waist. There are also streaks of red within her hair, possibly from the influence of the demon within her. Her eyes are also strange; they are a dark grey color with flecks of amber hidden inside. And if you manage to get on her bad side, it seems as if her pupils change from circles to four-pointed stars.

As far as clothing go, she’ll wear about anything except for neon bright colors, or yellow; she despises that color unless it’s mixed in with others. She’s usually seen wearing darker colors, mostly blues, greens, and purples, and wears either shorts or pants, depending on the weather. She likes to wear just plain sneakers and is never one for jewelry, but she wears four silver bangles, two on each wrist.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Species: Human

Strengths: She’s quick when it comes to having to get out of bad situations and has quite fast reflexes.

Weaknesses: She’s easily scared and usually can’t do so well in a two on one fight.

Rank: Good

Ability's: Olivia can shift into Zennarx when she gets emotional enough.

History: Olivia’s life wasn’t all that great. A week after she was born, the village she resided in with her parents was attacked by a terrible wolf demon. The wizards living there, however, confronted it after it had raged through about half the village and managed to defeat him, but they knew it wouldn’t be long before it would get up again. So, with permission from her parents, the wizards locked the demon’s soul inside of Olivia.

During her first half of life, Zennarx remained at bay, still being in a weakened state from the fight and since his power was also mostly taken away by the four silver bangles Olivia now wears, which were made by the wizards themselves. At age ten or eleven he began to fight against her for control over her body since he obviously wasn’t fond of being stuck within some mortal’s body. He won most of those mental fights before Olivia learned to fight against him and managed to keep control of her body.

However, at age 15, she had gotten into a bad fight with her parents since they just weren’t seeing eye to eye with each other. She got a little too upset and ended up shifting into Zennarx and releasing all of his power. He nearly destroyed the entire town before Olivia managed to stop him and she fled. Now she travels by herself and Zennarx, ashamed of what she had done.

Friends: Only Zennarx, if that counts.

Foes: Zennarx. She really dislikes him.

About your character: Olivia is usually quite good at keeping her cool and has a longer patience than most for things many people would find annoying; she figures it‘s from having to put up Zennarx her whole life. She’s very quiet and isn’t one for being open with someone as soon as they meet, though she will put on a friendly smile if approached by someone.
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