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PostSubject: Zennarx   Zennarx Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 9:14 am

Image: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
(I drew the picture myself, so don't steal it.)

Gender: Male

Age: 1742 years old.

Species: Demon

Size: Slightly taller than normal wolves.

Strengths: Is extremely quick on his feet and has very good hearing due to being blind in one eye. He is also quite good at being stealthy despite being larger than most average wolves.

Weaknesses: Not so good with water and doesn’t know how to swim. Due to his wings being so torn they’re pretty much good for nothing and are just dead weight, therefore slowing him down some. And he’s also blind in his right eye (hence the claw scars).

Rank: Bad

Ability's: Zennarx is able to breathe fire from his mouth and can read the mind of Olivia. Can also appear as a ghost when in Olivia’s mind to others.

History: Zennarx is quite old now for a demon and has been through many fights and has seen many things. His heart has always been blacker than coal and he’s cared about no one but himself. As he grew older, however, his lust for fighting ebbed, so he decided to just claim some territory--instead of wandering around all the time--and kept to himself.

However, humans soon created a village near his territory, which made him uncomfortable. He had no choice but to attack when they came into his territory and tried to teach them a lesson and leave, but they wouldn’t go away. So, filled with rage once again, he stormed through the village, killing all in his way. He was then faced with some might wizards and hardly stood a chance against them and was defeated, but they knew their spells would not last.

So, being desperate, they locked the demon’s spirit within a child whom had just been born just a week ago. The two then grew up, Zennarx struggling for dominance over the child’s body. He was weak then, however, but when the child reached about the age of eleven he began fighting to control her body. He won most of the times until the girl fought back against him. They were always constantly bickering with each other, but eventually they came to a sort of neutrality and Zennarx usually doesn’t bug her that much. You could even consider the two ‘friends’.

Friends: The human he is trapped within, Olivia.

Foes: Anyone he doesn’t like or trust.

About your character: Zennarx is usually very quiet and doesn‘t talk to anyone but Olivia since the two don‘t like to reveal the…‘relationship’ they have, so to speak. He has a very short patience, however, and isn’t afraid to get into a fight with someone.

*Other random information*
-The things around Zennarx’s horns are bangles, the same ones Olivia wears. They appear on him like that to…release his power. It was too great for Olivia to handle at a young age, so the wizards created these four silver bangles to lock Zennarx’s power. Olivia could call upon their power, though, since she also had the power to shift into what Zennarx looked like due to their souls being connected so closely. It’s dangerous for her to use all four at once, however, and has only had to use that once.
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