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PostSubject: Trice   Trice Icon_minitimeMon Aug 02, 2010 10:39 am

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Gender: Male

Age: Seems to act like a 15-year old. His real age is unknown.

Species: Griffin

Size: Slightly smaller than most of the griffins he once lived with; from the top of his head to the ground is probably a good six feet.

Strengths: Trice has a good sense of sight and smell and has no problem seeing in the dark or tracking someone’s scent from about a mile away.

Weaknesses: His hearing isn’t all that good and people usually have to speak up when near him.

Rank: Good

Ability's: None, really.

History: Trice used to have wings and was quite happy with the others that lived in a nomadic group. They traveled to many places and Trice lived a good life. However, when he ventured off by himself to find some food in some dangerous territory, he ended up running into a demon. It seemed like it was going to attack him, but instead asked him a riddle; if he were to get it right, the demon would leave and allow the griffin group to leave. If Trice got it wrong, he would be cursed and the group would be killed.

He took the challenge and the riddle was this: I am strongest when you see me as round, but I am often viewed in other forms. I lift & drop the sea with my tremendous strength. What am I?

Trice had no idea and guessed it was the sun. Unfortunately, he was wrong; it was actually the moon. So the griffin group was killed by other demons that had been traveling with the demon that confronted Trice and the curse that was placed upon him was one that stripped him of his wings and his feet were turned into more bird-like feet instead of having paws like the others did.

So now he roams to many places, thinking the griffins in his group had all died. But one managed to survive, however, and caught up with Trice, so now the two travel together.

Friends: Feather (the other griffin).

Foes: Demons.

About your character: Despite having gone through this, Trice is still as happy-go-lucky as he was before. He tries to look on the positive side of things and tries to be optimistic when others are trying to be negative. He still enjoys playing around, though he will become serious if need be.
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