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Gender: Female

Age: 15-ish

Species: Griffin

Size: Just an inch shorter than Trice.

Strengths: She is quite the good flier and can do quite amazing stunts in the air.

Weaknesses: Can’t see very well in the dark.

Rank: Good

Ability's: N/A

History: Feather was always a good friend of Trice’s and the two often played together when they were still in the group of nomadic griffins. Feather was always the joyful one and often loved playing around with the younger ones instead of hanging out with the griffins her age. She never had much of a care in the world…until she suddenly found herself face-to-face with a demon.

That was when Trice took up the riddle challenge. Feather was scared and really hoped he could get it right…but when the demon grinned evilly at him, she knew he didn’t. So, being quick, she had jumped into the air and flew off, though a couple of winged demons chased after her.

She led them through the air for quite some time before diving down towards the forest, easily being nearly a thousand feet up. The demons, being stupid, followed after her. Just before she was going to slam into the trees, she pulled out her wings and flew off while the demons crashed into them. When Feather was sure they weren’t chasing her anymore, she searched for weeks to find Trice. After a week, however, she ran into some humans whom managed to catch her and they put the leash on her. (The bracelet she got from finding it on the ground.)

The humans kept her within a cage and were very mean to her. Due to this she's quite fidgety when in contact with a human. After nearly ten days she managed to escape when they came to clean her stall and hasn't managed to get the collar off of herself yet. She continued the search for Trice and finally managed to find him. After explaining what had happened and how she survived, she then travelled with Trice, the two not knowing where they were going.

Friends: Trice

Foes: Demons

About your character: Feather is a little shy around others but is always very positive; she doesn’t have to pretend to be, like Trice. When something happens, she forgets it and just moves on. She can be quite feisty, though, if you ruffle her feathers.
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