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 A trade type thing i guess. [img heavy]

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PostSubject: A trade type thing i guess. [img heavy]   Wed Aug 04, 2010 1:18 pm

As much as i really hate to do this, I'm gonna open up for commissions. I closed on wolfhome because my backs been hurting me lately, but now ive run out of deltas and i have too many poses to lose. So until i get home and convince my mother to let me use her credit card, or until i earn enough deltas, i wont be on CPI.

So how's this gonna work? Well you hand me a ref, I hand you a piece of artwork. It may be anything but I decide what to make and what expressions to put on it and such. But you can also ask for something completely original and not hand me a ref. Who knows? I might make ya one.

And then, YOU decide how much you pay me. Depending on how much u like it or what. Even if its just 0.01(which i really hope my art is at LEAST worth 0.02), you will own that piece of artwork. K.


I'm sure most of u know my work...if you dont, hurs some examples. dont take them please c:

A really REALLY messy sketch


Premade Character lineart (c) respected artist

Little banner thing to go in your sig or something that u can link to a URL

Poses(warning these are like 2938338 years old)

custom character(LOL ITS SO OLD so its kinda pooy :/)

"In the dark recesses of the mind, a disease known as FEAR feasts upon the souls of those who cannot overcome its power..."
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A trade type thing i guess. [img heavy]
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