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 Jacob The Raccon Wolf

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PostSubject: Jacob The Raccon Wolf   Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:29 pm

APPROVED.Your char is now a side character.

Position you want to be: (Main Character or Side Character) Main Character
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Name: Jacob
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Wolf
Size: Medium sized
Strengths: Strongest at night under the moon
Weaknesses: Water
Rank: (Good or bad) Good
Ability's: Sense of smell is more powerful than normal wolves.
History: Parents and family are unknown. Learned to raise himself on his own. Recently found sister, Amber.
Friends: None
Foes: None
Loyal: Family and Friends
UN-loyal: Enemys
About your character: My character is a normal wolf. He doesn't like water due to past events he doesn't like sharing. His fur is colored like a raccon, grey, white with black rings. He has a long scar along his stomache.
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Jacob The Raccon Wolf
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