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 Meeva the night walker.

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Meeva the night walker. Empty
PostSubject: Meeva the night walker.   Meeva the night walker. Icon_minitimeWed Aug 11, 2010 12:41 pm

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Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Wolf
Size: Smaller then the average wolf.
Strengths: Night, Shade, Moon, cool.
Weaknesses: sun, heat, day.
Rank: Good.
Ability's: Can outrun a car at night.
History: Meeva was always a run away, parents where taken up by the humans, and she had ran away, they always wanted to study her from her odd markings and odd behavior at night and day, but she eventually escaped and ran off, and kept running till they gave up.
Friends: None really.
Foes: None.
About your character: Nothing much to say but she's quiet.

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Meeva the night walker.
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