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 The Strength of Poetry

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PostSubject: The Strength of Poetry   The Strength of Poetry Icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 8:34 pm

Was feeling a bit down...

Through the darkest nights, and the brightest morning,
I cannot refrain myself from mourning.

From the pain and misery that you've caused,
My whole life just seems to have paused.

Why, I want to ask, but already know that's silly to wonder,
For I surely know, your voice will grow louder than thunder.

And yet I cower from the truth,
Still hiding within my youth.

I feel the pain illuminating from myself,
And wonder when the rage will escape from thyself.

I see beyond your lies,
And laugh at the hideous disguise.

For surely you misjudged my intelligence,
So now I mock your arrogance.

But soon find to regret it,
And find myself deep inside a pit.

I try to climb out,
But find that I can't even manage to sprout.

So now I'm lost in this pain,
And still hope, that it is all just a game...

Avvie & Sig (c) Losha <3

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The Strength of Poetry
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