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 Scout [Mitchie Reese]

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PostSubject: Scout [Mitchie Reese]   Scout [Mitchie Reese] Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 7:10 pm

Position you want to be:Main Character, but if that's not possible, side is fine (:
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Name: Scout [Scoutsong, but prefers Scout]
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years in human years, due to her dog form.
Species: Demon, disguised as a German Shepherd, her main form.
Size: 3''2 From paws to ear tips.
Strengths: Fast runner and fighter due to being a Demon in disguise.
Weaknesses: Love, swimming,
Rank: Bad to the bone.
Ability's: Able to transform into any size, shape, or form.
History: Scout has always been a demon. From the moment she was born, she was the bane to everyone's existence, making fun of people, causing ruckus, and other stuff. It wasn't to bad until she began to see life in a new way; good people were the weak who shouldn't exist. They relied on the good of their hearts to guide their way through life, while the bad decided to take charge. This intrigued her, and she became a demon in her own special way. She was hit by a car at age 14 as soon as she saw this goodxbad thing, and was able to live her dream on the bad side as soon as she died. She was welcomed as a Demon and given powers to transform into any form she wanted, and the ability to to blend in with the normal world. Happy with her powers, she took the form of a normal German shepherd. It had been three years since then, and she's still alive, well, and bad.
Friends: Her fellow demons.
Foes: The people with the good hearts; so most people.
Loyal: The ones who understand her belief on good and bad.
About your character: Mean, rude, reborn. Real name was Mitchie Reese before she changed it to Scout; her dog name and demon name.
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Scout [Mitchie Reese]
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