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Sunaria Allier Vrevella. Sunabs10

Pronounced ¥ Sooh-nar-eeh-uh :: Ail-ee-ur :: Vree-vell-uh ::
Alias ¥ Sun :: Queen Sunaria
Gender ¥ Female
Species ¥ Second oldest breed of dragon
Age ¥ 801
Siblings ¥ None
Other Family ¥ Frost (Cousin)
Parents ¥ Dead
Mate ¥ Shran♥
Hatchlings ¥ None for a long time

Her Story ¥


When she was a hatchling, she lived like any other hatchling, all accept her father was the King. And her mother was the Queen. Her 3 best friends where Frost, Shran, and Narvier. Around age 50, (around what humans would be 3 or 4) Narvier, her family, and three other dragons, where brutally killed by a group of assassins from the other clan. Sun, of course, was heart broken. She was, her closest friend. And suddenly, she was gone.

Around that time, they where living in the mountains, (around where Mt. Everest is now.) and, well, another clan (the one who sent the assasins) wanted the territory. There was many battles between the two clans, and Suns clan won them all.

Shran and Sun soon grew closer then ever, and was always together. Sun and Shran would always have little play fights, trying to break each others mind barrier, or just little scrabbles.


Sun finally finished school at 600(15). (Normal dragons finish at 700) And was only 300 years away from taking her rightful place on the throne. But, that suddenly changed.

The two rival clans had had no activity reported, and Suns clan was getting suspicious. Her father demanded every soldier possible be on guard at the territory edge, but, the soldiers thought there was nothing to worry about. And slacked off. Soon enough, the other clan DID attack. And won. Suns father had died in battle, killed by the other King. Not a day after, Suns mother moved the clan to a large forest, keeping them well hidden. Sadly, the next night. She died crying over her lost husband. Which left Sun to take the throne. Little 'ole Sun, only 750, was scared to death of taking on that huge responsibility. But, took it any way. Not for long though. She moved the clan once again to under ground tunnels. Then, once they all settled down. Sun left Shran a note saying that he would be in charge, untill she returned. Shran nearly died after reading the note, crying once and getting deathly ill, while Sun began creating her own special Island, and roaming Earth.


Sun, now 800 (18) Returned to her clan, and moved it out of the cramped under ground tunnels, and into their own world. She took her rightful place on the throne, and is having a small relationship with Shran, who, will soon be upgraded from Deputy, to King. Now, she is 801. And she has been taking real good care of the clan, yet some of the older dragons say she is not fit to be a Queen, but others say that is not true. No threats have been made from other clans, and for right now, most likely none will. But, still on her toes, Sun still lives, and breathes and takes care of her clan and their new world. Proving to be as good of Queen as her Mother, and as fierce as her father.

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Sunaria Allier Vrevella.
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