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 Lots Mix and Match!

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PostSubject: Lots Mix and Match!   Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:25 pm

Hi there Im your host Pup! And you watching or reading... Lots Mix and Match! Heres what you the audience gets to do! choose any characters on the Lots Characters list and put two together! but there is a catch. If you can find a song that goes with the two love birds THEN you can post, add a pic in there for fun if you wish! Perhaps and hopefully this will become a contest for the cutest , oddest, Or even Worst/dysfunctional couple so WHO KNOWS! The possibilities are endless, i would say the sky is the limit, but cant say that anymore since there are foot prints on the moon..... So get out there People of LOTS and show me your fangirl/boy side of Lots!

Pup SandSG Ember
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Lots Mix and Match!
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