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 The Return.

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PostSubject: The Return.   The Return. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 3:00 pm

The Return. The_ra10
I had a dream about this.I should have posted it in the illustration section,but I would like to talk about it xD.
Here how the dream went.(In rp form on how I remembered it I suppose)
The slide doors open automatically,the warm summer air hitting me in the face.The sky was blood red with black and red clouds swirling.My mouth opens on shock as I drop my bags.A bright white light zig-zagged across the sky and stopped.A man on a horse opened his arms.Then I was gone.
(thts when I woke up XD)
I also had another version type.But it was not so peaceful.It was pure evil.(will have pic soon,or not xD)
A cold when brushes passed me.But no one was there.I look at my Mom,we are both huddled in a corner.Something wasn't right.The world around us seemed pure evil.Wicked cackled break the silence,followed by dreadful screams.Tears streak down my face as I look for my mom.She was gone.I wasn't scared.I knew I would see her soon.A large door opens into a auditorium thing.A man walks it a seat,the most evil face in the world.He was carrying a big blue bucket.He sneered as he threw dead bodies in it.Fear engulfed me as I was being pulled in the auditorium by an un seen force.I was sitting in a chair,forced to stare at the blank stage.I move my eyes over to see a dead woman,her eyes nearly falling out of her head.I try to move my hand and she grabbed it,her cold hand strong,her nails digging into my flesh.I do nothing but stay still and say nothing.I close my eyes and lift my head up.I could feel it.I was about to be taken to heaven b the rapture.The loud cackle of laughter sounded again,but I ignored it.Soon,it was all gone.
(again,that's when I woke up.But the creepy thing was,my hand was red and I was still crying and shaking heavily.)
But I really hope when the rapture comes.It will be the first dream o.o
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PostSubject: Re: The Return.   The Return. Icon_minitimeWed Mar 03, 2010 3:01 pm

Cool! =D
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The Return.
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