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 Eve the Bloody Thirsty Savage

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PostSubject: Eve the Bloody Thirsty Savage   Eve the Bloody Thirsty Savage Icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 4:56 am

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Pronounced » Eev
Alias » V, Vee
Gender » Female
Species » Blood Demon
Age » 1.3 years (around 13)
Parents » Unknown » Unknown
Siblings » Unknown
Other Family » Uknown
Mate » None
Rugrats » Never.
Health »[M] Usually negative [P] Very small in size, but still tries to kill anybody. Bleeds, bruises, and scars very easily.
History » It's unknown to everybody since she hates her past. Very violent and abusive. Ran away, got caught by some creeper, was used to fight. If she lost, someone would try to kill her, but nobody knew she had Lucifer's blood in her, which therefore makes her nearly immortal. She was cursed by the heavens and they bound her mouth together so she could never tell a lie or speak again. Eve found out how to take it off though, and does whenever she gets the chance.
About your Character » Although Eve may be small, she has a very powerful bite. She can summon the dead by humming, and controls them for the most part. She's very manipulating, but has trust issues. She will kill anybody at anytime.

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Eve the Bloody Thirsty Savage
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