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PostSubject: Terry   Terry Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 6:48 pm

† Terry †
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Pronounced » Tear-Ree? lol I think its pretty obvious
Alias » Mr. Nobody
Gender » Male
Species » Creature
Age » 21
Parents » Zacharius + Cody
Siblings » None
Other Family » Uncle Rex
Mate » Single
Rugrats » None
Health » [M] Depressed [P] Klutzy
History » Zacharius and Cody are a gay couple who moved far away from their families to live on their own. They adopted Terry when he was a baby and keep as much as they can about Terry's biological parents a secret. Uncle Rex is the only remaining biological family member and connection to his history that Terry has. Rex got custody of Terry for a little while until it was discovered that he was being very abusive to the kid. Terry grew up a loner and felt depressed and like an outcast from the world. At the age of 16 he ran away and wanted to do something different and unique. So he became a superhero.

About your Character » -It should be noted that Terry is one of the many people that Zinc sees in his head. Zinc is a human who suffers from Schizophrenia. Upon hearing of LOTS Zinc sent Terry into the world to try to preserve some peace in it. -
He has had the ability to fly since he was 2; at first it was more of a glide and it slowly developed into something more.
He is very klutzy but has extremely good luck with his mishaps.
He is often depressed and sometimes refers to himself as Mister Nobody.

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PostSubject: Re: Terry   Terry Icon_minitimeThu Dec 16, 2010 7:11 am

Approved! <3

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