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PostSubject: Private Boards and VIP Members   Private Boards and VIP Members Icon_minitimeSat Dec 18, 2010 10:44 am

We have currently opened Private Boards! Where are they? You can't see them! Private Boards are hidden boards requested by users for themselves and their friends. What are they for? Users who wish to share literature and art that is not appropriate for public viewing (literally). Who can request one? Anyone can! But you must respect our RB and VIP rules!:

• DON'T ASK TO SEE BOARDS. If the board owner wishes for you to see a board they'll let you.
• You cannot bash about anyone on the forum behind their backs.
• You cannot write about certain characters that do not belong to you with out the creator's/owner's permission.
• Understand that anyone in the Director's group can automatically see your board.
• If a user who is not allowed to see your board begs to be allowed to view, don't lose your head! Just PM a Director!
• Don't brag on whose board you can see, keep it private. Some users may
feel left out and bother the board's owner about it, which can get you
in trouble! So keep it to yourself and the board owner.

When requesting a board:
• List members who are allowed to view your board.
• ^PM a Director your request.

Happy Posting!

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Private Boards and VIP Members
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