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 Pups new char: Frost

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Pups new char: Frost Empty
PostSubject: Pups new char: Frost   Pups new char: Frost Icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 5:13 pm

Age:700 (Teen in dragon age)
Species: Shape Shifting Frost dragon
Size: Tall, around 7 or 7.5 feet.
Strengths: Cold
Weaknesses: Heat
Rank: Good
Abilities: Venom, Ice, Cold, Mind Speak, Spells, Transformation.
History:Dad died in a battle, mother died at birth. Cousins family took him in. Hung out with Sun till she became leader and then ran away.
Family: Sun (Cousin)
Foes: N/A yet*
Loyal: friends and family and clan leader, Sun
UN-loyal: humans and outsiders
About your character: *Has never left the clan boundiers, Yet. he hasnt met anybody out side the clan and a few trespassers.* Is ready and willing to help out his people, but is shy around strangers. his Cousin taught him most of what he knows, before she left. one day he wishes to set out on his own adventure, or join hers. he looks up to his Cousin, cause she is his hero and wishes to live up to her reputation.
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Pups new char: Frost
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