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Position you want to be: Main Character
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3 yrs
Timber Wolf
30 inches at the shoulder-short
Strengths:Temper, determination, fighting skills, sensory skills, darkness(blends in with her coat)
Weaknesses: Temper, often thinks before she acts, distrustfulness
Rank: Good
Abilities: She can sprint through the forest without making a sound; she knows her way around a knife; lies extremely well; she's a great fighter; very fast
History:Phobia was kidnapped as a pup and taken to a deep valley that not many knew about. She was trained to be an Assassin, a group that at the time ruled the surrounding forest. By the time she was 1 year old she had taken 34 lives and was in line to become a second-commander Assassin. However, she was sent on one mission to destroy a tribe some years later, but she found friends and trust in them. She never went back to the Assassins, and they are often searching for her to destroy.
Friends: Sun, Kaze, Pup, etc.
Foes: Assassins
Loyal: Her friends
UN-loyal: The Assassins
About your character: She is often distrusting, and her Assassin instincts still lie with her. She is often alert yet quiet.
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Phobia's Biography
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