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 Creature Catagories

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PostSubject: Creature Catagories   Creature Catagories Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 7:43 pm

[Very Common]
An evil or good souled spirit. Can be anything; real or mythical. Mostly evil they have a thirst for creature and human blood and souls. The good ones, which are rare, blend end along side creatures and do not disturb the peace.
(If Demon, character will be placed in Bad)

[Very Common]
Earth's animals, not humans

Like demons, but mostly good, not evil. With pure souls, they watch over worlds to fight against evil demons.

Lost souls that find a purpose by guarding something they are spiritually connected to.

Mixed blood demons, spirits, guardians and creatures that have combined jeans. This sometimes can create dublicate powers of many elements.

Walking bags of water and meat, these species are usually targeted for meals. Most categories do not appreciate them.
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Creature Catagories
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