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 My Wierd Dream

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You must have been crazy to dream this o.e
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Its impossible to dream the same thing 3 times in a night >(
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I dont believe you! >.<
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wow o3o
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PostSubject: My Wierd Dream   My Wierd Dream Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 12:56 pm

OK here is my dream i have alot its pretty wild

Ok i am this ten year old boy. i live on this pleasent House on the prairy area. i live with this kind looking old man. so sweet he is a vet. we have this motherly maid who looks after me while the Doc is working

so one day i find this sick dog out side. i bring him in to the Doc and lay him on his desk. the doc takes one look and him and tells me to get away. the dog has rabies. as soon as he says that the dog bites him.

the doc quickly runs to the sink and washes his hand. taking out a gun from hin his desk he shoots the dog and tells me to burry it.

i do and come back to find the door to his office practially boarded up. he says get in with the maid but first get food. i go to the kitchen and find the maid with a basket with food.

suddenly it grows dark. the storm the Doc prodicted has come. great. so we head down through the den, the living room and find the Doc hunched over.

suddenly he leaps at us. snarling and foaming at the mouth like a mad animal. we run all around the living room throwing the food at him to get him away.

we manage to dive into the Study/office he boarded up and hammer on the last piece of wood.

well now we are trapped with a ham sandwitch and a knife to cut the sandwitch. -_- great. oh and the Doc is flailing his arms through the holes in between the boards of wood. he cant get outside cause we locked the house all up.

the doc calms a bit and being a dumb bitch the maid goes and checks on him. he grabs her arm and tries to pull it out to bite it. not knowing what to do i throw the sandwitch at him. (the holes are a few intches wide enough for a piece of bread to fit through standing up. o3o)

he stops and stares... then goes back to trying to bite her. grabbing the next thing i could think off. The Plate! i run up and bash it against his head.

he is stunned but doesnt stop. if smashing a Thick plate over his head doesnt stop him then books werent...

seeing the knife on the floor i pick it up. i Ram it into his arm to where its inches deep. (he is a fat, yet short little man he does have muscle though)

howling in pain he releases the Maid, and tries to wrentch his arm free. only making things worse cause in pulling his arm back the blade cuts along his arm. the blade finally leans enough for him to pull his arm out. he rips the knife from his arm and throws it aside. his is pissed now. he is like a total Mad Cow, a WereWolf A fucking monster after us.

all the while thunder boombs the glass is shattered for some reason. rain is coming into through the windows. we puches the book case agaisnt the door way incase he was able to get a few boards off. the book case takes about two people to move it, but with his enraged state he might have been able to move it no the less.

there was no way to stop him. we hid in the little alcove of the desk (place where u put ur feet i dont know how to spell let alone call it) to try and keep warm. then i remembered the revolver in his desk. i look through the drawers. Nothing! then i remembered the locked one. damn where is the key?! oh ya it isnt locked.

i pull it open and take the revolver in my hand. turning it over to look at it. the rain drips down the barrel. i look up the doc got through the boards. he heart stops. rain trails the hair out of place. his once neat tidy hair, now looks like sex hair.

he looks as if he wants to kill me.

he mumbles stuff, "Good for nothing......(his face screws up at this point)
should never have taken u in....(glare of pure Hatred)
Look what u did to me....(total snarl imma gonna kill u face)
im going to kill u nice and slow....(crazy gone insain face)"

by now im shitting my self (not really) i hold the revolver infront of me. he hands shake all crazy like. by now the Doc is staggering to me like a drunken fool.

He gets enough balance to leap at me with a WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! i close my eyes as i feel his hands hit my shouldiers. i tense. i have one hand holding his throat, to keep his snapping teeth away from me. the other holds the gun to his chest. by now i have had enough. i lost all respect for the doc. he is pissing me off. so i shout "UR NOT MY FATHER, I WAS ADOPTED!" BANG! i feel this dead weight fall on me. the maid who i have no clue was hiding came up and pushes the Doc off me and hugs me. im shaking a little having killed a mad. but for some reason it feels alright. then i realize the storm has stopped. we remove the boards to the Office door and to the Front door and walk own the little hill the house was on as the sun set...

i then woke up... fell back asleep had the same dream and woke back up at the same part... fall back alseep and had it again didnt wake up and just blacked out and had no more dreams the rest of the night.

idk wierd dream i know let alone have it 3 times in one night so ya of course i remember it and i play it over and over in my mind to remember it ive told friends and now im telling u LOTS

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My Wierd Dream
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