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He can run on the wind for short bursts. He can see the past or future when h e sleeps in a *'hot spot'. Prefurs to be left alone, but if neccasary(like if threatened) he will fight. Can hide in the shadows, and in light. He is 30% Shadow demon, 30% light demon, 30% hyena, and 10% Star. He is neither good or bad, but most of the times he chooses the side of good, to keep the peace, cause he hates alot of fighting. It gives him a head ache. If he must, he can look into the hearts/minds of others, to see wiether he can trust them of not. Has boundless energy, because he draws it from the light like a plant.

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*Hot Spot: a certain area, that gives him this feeling. He then lays down and closes his eyes. He then goes into a dream like state, and sees either the Past or the Future.
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