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 Sun The Shapeshifter.

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PostSubject: Sun The Shapeshifter.   Sun The Shapeshifter. Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 7:49 pm

Name? Sun

Age? 800

Gender? Female

Species: Schimas

3:Venom in fangs and teeth
4:Change of vision
5:Mind speak
6:Fire breathing

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Cloak:Has many secret pockets.Each pockets has a endless amount of space.If the cloak covers the body fully and the one who wears it stays still,it will turn them invisible.Only the owner of the cloak can reach in and out of the pockets.
Shirt:Regular shirt.
Pants:Regular pants.
Shoes:Hover half an inch above the ground.

What about her history?Her father and mother where killed by a rival clan,leaving her in charge of her large clan.She left the deputy in charge and ran,not ready to take on the responsibility.

What about her? She can be a very quiet mysterious person around strangers,and is always on guard.But when surrounded by friends she looses up and has a great time.

Anything else we should know? Being 800 years old,is not very old to dragons.At 800 she has learned a lot.She knows every language and can be very wise at moments.

1: If she crys
2: Will remain secret. o.O

Is that all? Yes.
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Sun The Shapeshifter.
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