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Name: Byoon
Gender: Male
Age: 2 years-Between being a teenager and an adult
Species: Canine-Domestic Dog-German Shepherd
Size: 26 inches at the shoulder-average
Strengths: Not emotional; pretty good fighter; calm; not a huge temper; obeys orders; never gives up
Weaknesses: Doesn't think before he acts; has flashbacks from Afghanistan; misses his owner
Rank: Good
Abilities: Great stamina; knows both human and animal pressure points and weak spots; can carry heavy things long distances; intelligent; knows both human languages and animal languages
History: Byoon was adopted from a shelter from an old Marine whose name was Derrik. Derrik, with the help of the K-9 officers, trained Byoon to become a helpful war dog. He took Byoon to Afghanistan with him when he was transferred over. That's where Byoon picked up several languages. Byoon and Derrik had a very strong bond, but unfortunately, Derrik was killed in war, leaving Byoon alone and homeless in Afghanistan. Byoon was found by the other officers and taken back to the U.S., where he was thrown out on the street. He evenutally left the dark alleys and escaped to a large forest in the west. Using his old military skills, he survives on his own.
Friends: His old owner; Sandstorm
Foes: The terrorists; anyone who tries to hurt him.
Loyal: Sandstorm
UN-loyal: The U.S. military, the ones who betrade him and threw him on the streets.
About your character: Talks to himself; has flashbacks; is usually kind, but doesn't trust anyone in the armed forces anymore.

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Byoon-The War Dog
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