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Pup is a fun loving younge wolf. He lost his family at a very younge age, sticks to Sun like gum on her shoe, and act like an annoying brother to Kaze. Regards Frost as a brother even though they act like opposites, they both like to bother their "sister" like friends. Is stupid enough to attach onto anyone who will so much as give him a sniff, due to loosing his family.

Pup blames SandStorm and his parents for the death of their pack. Sand remembers the pack and parents and even Pup, but he blames him for most of his hard times. His famous saying to Pup, "If you hadnt run away with ur tail between ur legs they would still be here, Oh Mighty Prince Pup!" That is normally before they go at each other.

Pups father was the leader of a demon-wolf hybreed pack. he being a water demon and his mother being a wind demon. Pup has his moms swift speed for running on land. He has axcess to his wind powers in his Jackalope form, thanks to Sun and her experimenting. When in JL, he dons a second personality. Fleetscout Sailear The Swift. This blue ball, is full of energy, and is also regarded as the Blue Streak. When he runs, he tends to leave a blue streak due to moving so fast.

He has power to control water, to freeze it, to make body armor out of it. In the water he can disolve and or disapear with in it. When swimming, he is like a bullet, or a very fast fish. Pup is at his strongest when his fur is a dark blue, almost black, with an equal colored glow around his body. His voice drops and his eyes seem to cloud with a blazing light blue. There is a down fall to being in attack. It tires him greatly, and only goes in attack when the situation is looking bad. Once the energy is used up, Pup turns a torquise and nearly faints from exhaustion. Thus at his weakest.
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Will Post More, cause i cant think of all his stuff.
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Pup's Ref
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