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SandStorm doesnt remember much about his past. He is friends with Sun, and most of Suns friends. Likes to think of him self as a bad boy, but once he is in a pickle likes to act all innocent. He likes to cause trouble, being a trickster, or a joker. Sometimes has the craving for humans. But when a situation turns hairy, will most likely turn to the side that is either winning, or to good, cause he does have Morels. He knows when a joke has gone to far.

Much to his disliking, Sun had given him the power to transform into a human. 'Alot of help that will do me. Stupid Lizard.'

He knows certain moves most Earth Demons dont. Can sumon rock around him to form a shield, can move the shield like its a ball, also known and the Armor-dillo. Finds the easiest way to travel with out the hassle of crossing screams, or jumping over longs and roots, is via under ground. Aka he forms tunnels that colaspse behind him as he moves forward. Likes to cause sand storms to confuse people in battle, Isnt affected by sand in the eyes. Can dissolve into soft sand, or earth. When angered causes small or large earth quakes. Causes cracks in the earth to trip up his foes, or to make them fall, if suceeds in making them fall in he then closes it up, either trapping or killing them. If rocks are thrown at him, he isnt affected, cause on impact the rock turns to sand, causing no ingury.

Pup blames him and his parents for the death of their pack. Sand remembers the pack and parents and even Pup, but he blames him for most of his hard times. His famous saying to Pup, "If you hadnt run away with ur tail between ur legs they would still be here, Oh Mighty Prince Pup!" That is normally before they go at each other.

And Other Rock Based Attacks

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