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PostSubject: About LOTS   About LOTS Icon_minitimeSat Feb 27, 2010 8:12 pm

Legend of the Sun is a Mythical Role-Playing theme founded by Sunshine9366 and Kaze. Like a story, the role-plays are devided into "Chapters" these chapters are with different situations, and different people. Although the origanal role-play "Legend of The Sun" is only a few pages long, LOTS is endless with many chapters. These chapters can be saved for later, like a TV show with no repeats. Every chapter's history is the original Legend of The Sun, with Sun finding Kaze and them settling in.


For thousands of years, war broke out between good and evil, mythical and reality, and humans colliding with demons. A while back, demons were well known. Some good, most evil; humans wanted them dead, never the less. They hid in the forests and magical portals that are able to go anywhere in the universe. Demons could be animals, plants, clouds, or even shadows. Humans tried their best to keep the two species seperated. As hundreds of years went by, demons caused chaos with the Earth's creatures; no longer bothering man. Soon, humans forgot about demons, and to this day, demons live along side with man hidden.

These demons can be anything, from a dog to a dragon. With endless possiblities, LOTS is a never ending story! ^_^

Please enjoy the forum, if you have any questions ask Staff for help.
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About LOTS
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